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“Our vision is to display the beauty of creation and bring peace into your home or workspace.”
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Ken Duncan
Turn Your Walls Into Windows
Ken’s premium quality artworks are produced to the highest archival standards. There is nothing quite like a Ken Duncan print to turn your walls into glorious windows on the beauty of nature.
Bamboo Emperor
Cascade Valley, Kosciuszko, NSW
Majestic Parade
Polar King, Canada
Mirrored Oasis, NT

Ken Duncan Limited Edition Art Prints grace the walls of many fine homes and businesses right around the world.

Ken Duncan is well known as the pioneer of Limited Edition Photographic Art in Australia. After a visit to New York in the early 1980’s, Ken returned home with a dream to see photography widely accepted as an art form in this country. The increasing number of Australian photographers now emulating his panoramic style and finding a market for their work is testimony to Ken’s success.

Ever the trend setter and still the market leader, Ken is deeply committed to researching and developing the latest and best technology to bring photographic art into homes and offices right around the world. With every new release, he delights long-time collectors and new fans alike with his own inimitable style of landscape photography. Each new exhibition is more vivid and stunning than the last.

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Ken Duncan
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